Brownswood Bubblers Nine

Brownswood Bubblers Nine

Various Artists

RELEASE: 2012.12.15

廃 盤


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1.Money/2.Nakamarra/3.Wanna Do/4.Lines (Demo Version)/5.Forgotten Notes/6.Wasted Time (Ross PTH Remix)/7.Devil Woke Me Up This Morning/8.InDa (Alt. Version - Excerpt)/9.Make It Good/10.Freedom (Aspirations of a Prisoner)/11.Nine Winning Wives/12.Private Life of a Puppet/13.Layou (Demo)/14.Hidden Depths (feat. Eliza Carthy)/15.Down Illusion
Brownswood Bubblers Nine


01. Money
02. Nakamarra
03. Wanna Do
04. Lines (Demo Version)
05. Forgotten Notes
06. Wasted Time (Ross PTH Remix)
07. Devil Woke Me Up This Morning
08. InDa (Alt. Version - Excerpt)
09. Make It Good
10. Freedom (Aspirations of a Prisoner)
11. Nine Winning Wives
12. Private Life of a Puppet
13. Layou (Demo)
14. Hidden Depths (feat. Eliza Carthy)
15. Down Illusion