Brownswood Bubblers Eight

Brownswood Bubblers Eight

Various Artists

RELEASE: 2012.07.21


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1.She Was Out In the Water/2.Crush/3.Mr New York/4.Linha de Frente/5.(A)Gain/6.Manchild/7.Volver/8.River Lea/9.The Harbour Wall/10.Take On the World/11.Shot Through the Heart/12.Bout You/13.Lift Off
Brownswood Bubblers Eight


01. She Was Out In the Water
02. Crush
03. Mr New York
04. Linha de Frente
05. (A)Gain
06. Manchild
07. Volver
08. River Lea
09. The Harbour Wall
10. Take On the World
11. Shot Through the Heart
12. Bout You
13. Lift Off