Bestival Live 2011

Bestival Live 2011

The Cure

RELEASE: 2011.12.03

2CD 輸入盤



¥ 1,750 +tax



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1.Plainsong (Bestival Live 2011)/2.Open (Bestival Live 2011)/3.Fascination Street (Bestival Live 2011)/4.A Night Like This (Bestival Live 2011)/5.The End Of The World (Bestival Live 2011)/6.Lovesong (Bestival Live 2011)/7.Just Like Heaven (Bestival Live 2011)/8.The Only One (Bestival Live 2011)/9.The Walk (Bestival Live 2011)/10.Push (Bestival Live 2011)/11.Friday I'm In Love (Bestival Live 2011)/12.Inbetween Days (Bestival Live 2011)/13.Play For Today (Bestival Live 2011)/14.A Forest (Bestival Live 2011)/15.Primary (Bestival Live 2011)/16.Shake Dog Shake (Bestival Live 2011)/17.The Hungry Ghost (Bestival Live 2011)/18.One Hundred Years (Bestival Live 2011)/19.End (Bestival Live 2011)/20.Disintegration (Bestival Live 2011)/21.Lullaby (Bestival Live 2011)/22.The Lovecats (Bestival Live 2011)/23.The Caterpillar (Bestival Live 2011)/24.Close To Me (Bestival Live 2011)/25.Hot Hot Hot!!! (Bestival Live 2011)/26.Let's Go To Bed (Bestival Live 2011)/27.Why Can't I Be You? (Bestival Live 2011)/28.Boys Don't Cry (Best
Bestival Live 2011


01. Plainsong (Bestival Live 2011)
02. Open (Bestival Live 2011)
03. Fascination Street (Bestival Live 2011)
04. A Night Like This (Bestival Live 2011)
05. The End Of The World (Bestival Live 2011)
06. Lovesong (Bestival Live 2011)
07. Just Like Heaven (Bestival Live 2011)
08. The Only One (Bestival Live 2011)
09. The Walk (Bestival Live 2011)
10. Push (Bestival Live 2011)
11. Friday I'm In Love (Bestival Live 2011)
12. Inbetween Days (Bestival Live 2011)
13. Play For Today (Bestival Live 2011)
14. A Forest (Bestival Live 2011)
15. Primary (Bestival Live 2011)
16. Shake Dog Shake (Bestival Live 2011)
17. The Hungry Ghost (Bestival Live 2011)
18. One Hundred Years (Bestival Live 2011)
19. End (Bestival Live 2011)
20. Disintegration (Bestival Live 2011)
21. Lullaby (Bestival Live 2011)
22. The Lovecats (Bestival Live 2011)
23. The Caterpillar (Bestival Live 2011)
24. Close To Me (Bestival Live 2011)
25. Hot Hot Hot!!! (Bestival Live 2011)
26. Let's Go To Bed (Bestival Live 2011)
27. Why Can't I Be You? (Bestival Live 2011)
28. Boys Don't Cry (Bestival Live 2011)