Second Sight

Second Sight

Kate St. John

RELEASE: 2013.07.15



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1.Don't They Know You've Gone/2.Where The Warm Winds Blow/3.Songs And Silhouettes/4.A Flicker Of Gold/5.My Lonely Love/6.Notti Senza Amore/7.J'Attendrai/8.Fireworks/9.A Foolish Dance/10.Dark Heavens/11.Colonel Sinnott's Song Of Love/12.Nowhere No One/13.Dreaming Spires
Second Sight


01. Don't They Know You've Gone
02. Where The Warm Winds Blow
03. Songs And Silhouettes
04. A Flicker Of Gold
05. My Lonely Love
06. Notti Senza Amore
07. J'Attendrai
08. Fireworks
09. A Foolish Dance
10. Dark Heavens
11. Colonel Sinnott's Song Of Love
12. Nowhere No One
13. Dreaming Spires