Indescribable Night

Indescribable Night

Kate St. John

RELEASE: 2013.07.15



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1.There Is Sweet Music Here That Softer Falls/2.Paris Skies/3.Now The Night Comes Stealing In/4.Fireflies/5.Le Premier Bonheur du Jour/6.Green Park Blues/7.Wherefore Art Thou/8.Variety Lights/9.On The Bridge/10.Indescribable Night/11.Shadows of Doubt/12.Chat Voyeur/13.My Goodbyes
Indescribable Night


01. There Is Sweet Music Here That Softer Falls
02. Paris Skies
03. Now The Night Comes Stealing In
04. Fireflies
05. Le Premier Bonheur du Jour
06. Green Park Blues
07. Wherefore Art Thou
08. Variety Lights
09. On The Bridge
10. Indescribable Night
11. Shadows of Doubt
12. Chat Voyeur
13. My Goodbyes