Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score)

Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score)

Adrian Younge

RELEASE: 2013.02.06




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1.Black Dynamite Theme/2.Cleaning Up the Streets/3.Man With the Heat (Supebad)/4.Shine/5.Jimmy's Dead/6.Shot Me in the Heart/7.Black They Back/8.Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)/9.Anaconda Malt Liquor/10.Jimmy's Apartment/11.Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)/12.Chicago Wind/13.Rafelli Chase/14.Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)/15.Dynomite (Suckapunch Re-Edit)
Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score)


01. Black Dynamite Theme
02. Cleaning Up the Streets
03. Man With the Heat (Supebad)
04. Shine
05. Jimmy's Dead
06. Shot Me in the Heart
07. Black They Back
08. Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)
09. Anaconda Malt Liquor
10. Jimmy's Apartment
11. Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)
12. Chicago Wind
13. Rafelli Chase
14. Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)
15. Dynomite (Suckapunch Re-Edit)