Sounds and Pressure, Vol. 6

Sounds and Pressure, Vol. 6

Various Artists

RELEASE: 2008.10.14




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1.Problems/2.Lovers Mood/3.Disco Jack/4.Disco Jack Version/5.Mafia/6.Mafia Version/7.Kunta Kinte Dub Plate (Version 2)/8.Kunta Kinte Dub Plate (Version 3)/9.Let Us Do Something (Instrumental)/10.Journey To Freedom/11.Jah Will Provide/12.Ital Slip/13.Linger You Linger/14.Linger You Linger Version
Sounds and Pressure, Vol. 6


01. Problems
02. Lovers Mood
03. Disco Jack
04. Disco Jack Version
05. Mafia
06. Mafia Version
07. Kunta Kinte Dub Plate (Version 2)
08. Kunta Kinte Dub Plate (Version 3)
09. Let Us Do Something (Instrumental)
10. Journey To Freedom
11. Jah Will Provide
12. Ital Slip
13. Linger You Linger
14. Linger You Linger Version