Dub Plate Style

Dub Plate Style

Delroy Wilson

RELEASE: 2009.08.08



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1.A Bright and Sunny Day/2.You Have to Get a Beating/3.I’m Still Waiting/4.Can I Change My Mind/5.Find Yourself Another Girl/6.Ms. Grace/7.Living In the Foot Steps of Another Man/8.Better Must Come/9.Rain from the Skies/10.Joe Liges/11.I’m Doing My Thing/12.She Is Just a Play Girl/13.Love Uprising/14.Here Come the Heartaches/15.Who Cares/16.Mash It Up/17.Stick By Me/18.You Are Mine/19.Conquer Me/20.Do Good (Everyone Will Be Judged)
Dub Plate Style


01. A Bright and Sunny Day
02. You Have to Get a Beating
03. I’m Still Waiting
04. Can I Change My Mind
05. Find Yourself Another Girl
06. Ms. Grace
07. Living In the Foot Steps of Another Man
08. Better Must Come
09. Rain from the Skies
10. Joe Liges
11. I’m Doing My Thing
12. She Is Just a Play Girl
13. Love Uprising
14. Here Come the Heartaches
15. Who Cares
16. Mash It Up
17. Stick By Me
18. You Are Mine
19. Conquer Me
20. Do Good (Everyone Will Be Judged)