Enemy of the Enemy

Enemy of the Enemy

Asian Dub Foundation

RELEASE: 2008.07.02




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1.Fortress Europe/2.Rise to the Challenge/3.La Haine/4.1000 Mirrors/5.19 Rebellions/6.Blowback/7.2 Face/8.Power to the Small Massive/9.Dhol Rinse/10.Basta/11.Cyberabad/12.Enemy of the Enemy/13.Elegal Minds/14.Fortress Europe (Dub Fortress) [Adrian Sherwood Dub Version]/15.La Haine (The Bug Mash UP Remix)
Enemy of the Enemy


01. Fortress Europe
02. Rise to the Challenge
03. La Haine
04. 1000 Mirrors
05. 19 Rebellions
06. Blowback
07. 2 Face
08. Power to the Small Massive
09. Dhol Rinse
10. Basta
11. Cyberabad
12. Enemy of the Enemy
13. Elegal Minds
14. Fortress Europe (Dub Fortress) [Adrian Sherwood Dub Version]
15. La Haine (The Bug Mash UP Remix)