Hed Phone Sex

Hed Phone Sex

Funki Porcini

RELEASE: 1995.05.01




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1.A Word of Vice/2.B Monkey/3.Dubble/4.King Ashabanapal, Pt. 1/5.The Deep/6.King Ashabanapal, Pt. 2/7.Michael's Little Friend/8.White Slave/9.Poseathon/10.Wicked, Cruel, Nasty & Bad/11.Pork Albumen/12.The Softest Thing In the World (Motorway Accident)/13.Something Wonderful/14.Tiny Kangeroo Dolphin (From Hell)/15.It's a Long Road/16.King Ashabanapal-Dillinja Mix/17.Suck Acid Pearl & Dean/18.Hyde Park/19.King Ashabanapal-Digidub Mix/20.King Ashabanapal-Part 0.75/21.Farewell Alice/22.King Ashabanapal-Plaid Mix
Hed Phone Sex


01. A Word of Vice
02. B Monkey
03. Dubble
04. King Ashabanapal, Pt. 1
05. The Deep
06. King Ashabanapal, Pt. 2
07. Michael's Little Friend
08. White Slave
09. Poseathon
10. Wicked, Cruel, Nasty & Bad
11. Pork Albumen
12. The Softest Thing In the World (Motorway Accident)
13. Something Wonderful
14. Tiny Kangeroo Dolphin (From Hell)
15. It's a Long Road
16. King Ashabanapal-Dillinja Mix
17. Suck Acid Pearl & Dean
18. Hyde Park
19. King Ashabanapal-Digidub Mix
20. King Ashabanapal-Part 0.75
21. Farewell Alice
22. King Ashabanapal-Plaid Mix