City : Works Of Fiction

City : Works Of Fiction

Jon Hassell

RELEASE: 2014.05.31


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All Saints Records celebrate their 22nd year with this timely re-release of Jon Hassell's City: Works Of Fiction, a milestone of world music originally put out by Brian Eno's label Opal. Combining varying instrumentation with seamless beats, it still sounds as crisp and commanding as ever: chattering 808s, acid bass, and Hassell's signature trumpet are apparent on 'Voiceprint', while 'Mombassa' bursts with bongos and ambient keys and 'Freeway' rolls jauntily along on breezy bass strums and playful percussive elements. A pristine slice of electronic history.
City : Works Of Fiction


A1. Voiceprint (Blind From The Facts)
A2. Pagan
B1. Mombasa
B2. Tikal
B3. In The City Of Red Dust
C1. Rain
C2. Ba-Ya D
D1. Warriors
D2. Out Of Adedara

Includes a 24-page booklet and download card with access to the audio content of all 3 discs from the CD version.